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Corfu & The Greek Islands

Corfu & The Greek Islands




Greece is a vibrant nation with many islands each with its unique atmosphere, but nothing comes close to the beauty found on the Greek island of Corfu. With Corfu & The Greek Isles, you'll explore the wonderful landscape and towns on the diversity contained in the Greek Islands. Santorini addon coming soon in 2023!

Developers comments:

Version 1.0.5: Compatibility update for 1.46

Version 1.0.4: Compatibility update for 1.45. ProMods version no longer supported.

1.0.3: Updated compatibility for ETS2 1.44, License plates fonts upgraded

1.0.2: Added compatibility for ETS2 1.43 and ProMods 2.60 for the ProMods Addon Def/Map

1.0.1: Compatibility update for 1.42 with convoy capabilities. Also fixed garage and dealership bugs in Corfu.

Version 1.0 will showcase the Corfu Island, future updates will add more Greek Islands to the map. We offer a ProMods compatible version as well. If you are using ProMods, which we strongly recommend, make sure you use the ProMods Def/Map version of Corfu, place it above Corfu Models, and both files above ProMods. Enjoy the island of Corfu!


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PlatformEuro Truck Simulator 2
Current Version1.0.5
Game Supported Version1.46
DependenciesALL 7 ETS2 Map DLC's
Mod Size2.6MB, 17.8MB