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  1. TruckinDavo

    [WIP] Road to Asia v1.2 by TerraMaps

    y'all are amazing! keep up the great work. looking forward to the next update
  2. TruckinDavo

    [WIP] Red Sea Map 1.4 for ETS2 by TerraMaps

    love the refineries, pretty awesome and give good detail to a area
  3. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Projekt Česko v1.01 - A better Czechia

    looking good! and glad your PC didn't have mega issues.
  4. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Caribbean Map 1.1.2. for ATS 1.41

    Downloading it now. PS. I love the new download center, with the Globe! pretty sweet!
  5. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Corfu & The Greek Islands Map 1.0 by TerraMaps

    Will be adding this next week, when i am off
  6. TruckinDavo

    RedSea and RoadToAsia Photos

    good grief, hauling some heavy dry cargo in that beast lol
  7. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Jan Mayen (Promods Addon)

    Thank you for the update, Digital X. You are doing a great job, I will be long for the ride for sure on this map
  8. TruckinDavo

    [WIP] Oceania Map - Australia and New Zealand Map

    That's unfortunate :( . O'well
  9. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Jan Mayen (Promods Addon)

    0.2 Already?? That was quick. awesome!
  10. TruckinDavo

    [WIP] Oceania Map - Australia and New Zealand Map

    Any updates on this map?
  11. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Jan Mayen (Promods Addon)

    I've explored little over half of it so far. Took a load From Puppebu to Ullapool, Scotland. looks beautiful, really does. Haven't had any crashes nor glitches. Working with all my other map mods as well.. Love how you did the terrain, not simply flat. Some very steep angle roads, scared me a...
  12. TruckinDavo

    Say hello!

    Hello, From Texas.. glad to be a member on the Forum, Love TerraMaps!
  13. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Jan Mayen (Promods Addon)

    Looks amazing!!! super excited. Downloaded the Beta, gonna add it soon as i do RTA update 😁
  14. TruckinDavo

    [WiP/REL] Viva Malta

    I love driving this, I hope it's added on to it in the future
  15. TruckinDavo

    RedSea and RoadToAsia Photos

    your VTC has really nice livery
  16. TruckinDavo

    [WIP] Red Sea Map 1.4 for ETS2 by TerraMaps

    Can't wait for V1.4! Ya'll are my favorite map builders. Love the work you put in.
  17. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Jan Mayen (Promods Addon)

    looking awesome! I will definitely download this when you make it available. I think that bridge is pretty sweet, to be honest. Would be cool to drive. And I would live in that house, beautiful scenery and secluded! My kinda place lol
  18. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Projekt Česko v1.01 - A better Czechia

    excellent work, You being only 16 years old i hope you plan to do this as a career!...
  19. TruckinDavo

    ProMods Recommended Load Order

    Thank you for sharing the map order, If it wasn't for ppl like you I'd be lost lol
  20. TruckinDavo

    [REL] Road to Asia v1.1.1 by TerraMaps

    Thank you for Updating and continuing to add. I look forward to EVERY update!