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  1. Tibi

    Compatibility with ProMods

    Thank you! Lately I get information how things will work.
  2. Tibi

    Corfu & The Greek Islands Map 1.0.3 Load order

    Hi! I right now using ProMods and Corfu together, and nothing else. It working without any problem. Also used it with RusMap, Could it be caused by Maghreb - as it is in a beta state?
  3. Tibi

    Compatibility with ProMods

    As ProMods not listing from the latest update TerraMaps map mods, my question is: are they can still be used together, or not? If there are compatibility problems, are all the maps can't be used, or just conflicting ones? Thanks for any help!
  4. Tibi

    Get Road to Asia for ETS2 1.43

    Thanks! I was on those threads like 5 times yesterday but I can't see the links, but now I found them. Thank you!
  5. Tibi

    Get Road to Asia for ETS2 1.43

    Hi! As ProMods have no support for ETS2 1.44 where can I find Road To Asia 1.21 (if it is the last 1.43 version), to add to my mods? The download page points only to the latest one for 1.44 Without it even with downgrade on Steam included I still can't play my saved game. Thanks for any help!