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  1. Stefan E.

    [WIP] RO-Rebuild Project

    Săcel Viaduct is finished
  2. Stefan E.

    [WIP] RO-Rebuild Project

    Latest timelapse, from Sebes Est doing landscaping on the A1 highway. P.S. Sacelu viaduct is completely finished already, did it yesterday in 8 hours of work, i will do more premieres the next days.
  3. Stefan E.

    [WIP] RO-Rebuild Project

    RO-Rebuild Project is a ETS2 map mod that was originally known as RO-Rebuild by Stefan Team. The whole project started in December 2019, two days after the RTTBS DLC released, and the first versions included only small modifications to the SCS Romania. The first RO-Rebuild version (v1.0) was...