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  1. stevechen7

    [WIP] Myanmar Map (in Southeast Asia)

    Yes, we have. Here is my server link discord.gg/gmt . we can discuss for map development.
  2. stevechen7

    [WIP] Myanmar Map (in Southeast Asia)

    We have a discord server. We can communicate each other. we are making myanmar map as 1:1.5 scale
  3. stevechen7

    [WIP] Myanmar Map (in Southeast Asia)

    Hi all! I am one of developers in Myanmar Map Progress. We add most of biggest cities in Myanmar first. You know, Myanmar region has full of taste l. So, It includes mountains road, small forest road, highway road and so on.
  4. stevechen7

    [WIP] Oceania Map - Australia and New Zealand Map

    Good job! Can’t wait to drive at oceania
  5. stevechen7

    Say hello!

    Hello ! I am from Myanmar. Nice to meet you guys here