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ATS 1.43 Recommended Combo by TerraMaps

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Aug 11, 2021
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Fellow Truckers,

This is the official Map Combo for ATS 1.43 by TerraMaps, with recommended map mods & other recommended mods. It is designed to provide realistic gameplay as much as possible, and to also help people understand how to make combos with the TerraMaps mods.

All maps in this list are supported and recommended by us at TerraMaps. Note that there *may* be performance drops when using mods in this list, however that is unfortunately a reality of modding any game, but the experience should still be relatively smooth. The load order described below is the same as the mods should be loaded, meaning that if an item is at the top of this list, then that mod should be at the top of your mod manager, and so on and so forth.

-Using Caribbean Map is possible without using C2C, however if you do so please be aware that you need to load Reforma ABOVE Caribbean Map. We are investigating the reason behind this, but for now please use this workaround if you do not want to use C2C.
-If you don't want to use a map mod in this list, simply skip it and pretend it's not there. The load order will be the same.
-There are many addons to the maps listed below. Use these at your own risk.

All links below are hyperlinked. Just hover over the mod name and click on it, you'll be taken to where you can download the mod. All links below have been verified as official.

--Top of the mod manager--
1. Promods Complete North American Background Map
2. Los Angeles Cruise Terminal (optional) (ferries for Pacific Map & Carribean Map)

--Promods Canada--

3. ProMods Canada Definition Package
4. ProMods Canada Map Package
5. ProMods Canada Models Package
6. ProMods Canada Assets Package

--Caribbean Map--

7. Caribbean - C2C Connector (only use if using C2C in combo)
8. Caribbean Map - Def & Map
9. Caribbean Map - Models
10. Caribbean Map - Models 2

--Pacific Map--

11. Pacific Map Def/Map
12. Pacific Map Models

--Compatibility Fixes--

13. Reforma C2C Compatibility Patch v.10

--Montana Expansion--

14. Montana Expansion v1.0.3.8

--Coast to Coast--

15. Coast to Coast v2.12.43.3


16. Mega Resources 2.2.13
17. Reforma 2.2.5

Pls report any dead/incorrect links to the TerraMaps discord and i will fix them.
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