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Economy Evolution


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Apr 18, 2021
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All basic calculations
and Values where taken from Germany and are in €
No major changes in XP System or anything else- pure Economy

Load in high Load Order, somewhere on Top of any other Mod

This is the Evolution from what i learned about the standard SCS Economy,
and the changes I made to it
with my first Economy Mod realEco

This Mod is created for maximum realistic simulation, in the restrains that the Game allows.

I want to give credit to Kablowsky, allot what he created in his discontinued Economy Mod,
helped me in my learning process​

Keep in mind you have to start somewhere with your career, and the beginning​

will be hard. You will have low income and every mistake can cost you more then a few €​

Economy Evolution(DOWNELOAD)​

Support for:
This includes Tolls, Ferry Connections and Cargo
they are hard coded into the Map and I can't adjust the Price!!

Never forget keep trucking and good Luck​

General Income

  • reduced to realistic Income when Hired(Quick Jobs)
  1. Fixed Income: 140EUR base Pay + 00.00 - 00.21EUR per Kilometer
  • reduced Pay in Freight and Cargo Market
  1. Fixed Income Freight Market 160EUR + 0.00 - 1.76EUR per km
  2. Fixed Income Cargo Market 160EUR + small Increase to Freight Market
  3. Special Transports will pay 160EUR + 1.22 - 3.24EUR per km

  • Freight Market available after doing 20 quick Jobs
  • Cargo Market(buy own Trailer) available when you reach Level 32
  • Hired Drivers 2.500€ and they work under the same rules as you in Quick Jobs
  • It will take some driving to afford a own Truck without a Loan
  • selling used Trucks will refund you 40% of the original Price
In rare cases you can get a Job with higher per km pay.


  • Increased Cargo Damage Cost to 125.00EUR per 1% of Damage
  • Abandoned Job: 3500EUR Fine
  • reduced cost of fuel, maintenance and insurance for hired drivers for realism
  • Small Garage Price maintained at 180.000EUR and large Garage increased to 280.000EUR (keeping your expansion rate at more realistic levels)
  • Large Garage provides fuel with 15% off Price

Fuel Prices

  • Fuel Prices are now realistic. All prices in Base Game and Supported Maps updated to the real World fuel prices on 04/12/2021
Note: Pay Attention to fuel Price differences between Countries. Waiting for filling up after crossing a boarder may lead to profit or loss.

Be Smart- think ahead


You need to complete 26 quick Jobs before the Bank will consider you for your first Loan. For them you are a nobody that just got his drivers license, so you need to gain respect and experience. At this time, you will be able to take up to 250.000EUR in Loans. When you reach Level 26, you will be able to take up to 1.250.000EUR.

Loans Information:
  1. 20.000EUR at 23% of Interest. 35 ingame Days- 580EUR per Day
  2. 100.000EUR at 20% of Interest. 126 ingame Days- 824EUR per Day
  3. 250.000EUR at 18% of Interest. 364 ingame Days- 752EUR per Day
  4. 1.000.000EUR at 12% of Interest. 728 ingame Days- 1547EUR per Day
Only take loans when your daily income are suitable for it. Doh'!
(Existing loans, which where taken before mod Installation, are not affected!)

Garage Goals
  • Achievement Hunters: Due to changes in Economy you will reach "100% Garage Productivity Achievement"
  • It can take up to 7 in Game days till the changes to the Garage Economy take effect
  • Single Garage: 1.260EUR per Week(last 7days)
  • Small Garage: 14.000EUR per Week(last 7days)
  • Large Garage: 32.000EUR per Week(last 7days)
Be sure to have spare Money before hiring
Be sure to have spare Money before hiring
Be sure to have spare Money before hiring!
You never know what new drivers will archive, like you they need to learn there way around. So it could be they lose Money or gain Money, its all about learning. Manage your drivers Skills, they need at least long distance to be us-full.
Manage them exactly as you managed your own skills, smartly!

Truck Wear, Tear and Damage
  • reworked Damage parameters
  • re balanced wear and tear
  • added Wear and Tear to Police Fines(still in Testing, needs feedbag)
  1. Under 40% Damage= nothing happens
  2. Over 40% Damage but not reached 80% Damage= Warning Issued
  3. Over 80% Damage= fine Issued(see Police fines)

  • System implemented. This System works by evaluating your driving behavior and applying a discount factor in "Repair Costs" when repairing in the Shops
  • Getting fined, damaging the Cargo, driving recklessly will lead to negative "points", reducing the discount
  • Carefull driving, like a proffesional Truck Operator will be rewarded by increasing the discount
  • Be aware you sign your Insurance Contract when you purchase your Truck. So if you purchased your truck before installing this Mod, the contract rules for this truck remain intact. To use the new Values, you need to buy a new truck

Police Fines
  • Adjusted to match realistic Income. Real fine cost applied according to German Truck Traffic Law
  1. Car Crash: 132EUR(Insurance needs this for calculations)
  2. Avoid Sleeping: 60EUR
  3. Wrong Way: 75EUR
  4. Speeding(Camera/Radar):
  • 2km/h over speed limit: 30EUR
  • 4km/h over speed limit: 40EUR
  • 6km/h over speed limit: 60EUR
  • 8km/h over speed limit: 80EUR
  • 10km/h over speed limit: 110EUR
  • 12km/h over speed limit: 150EUR
  • 14km/h over speed limit: 210EUR
  • 16km/h over speed limit: 300EUR
  • 18km/h over speed limit: 410EUR
  • 20km/h over speed limit: 580EUR
  • 22km/h over speed limit: 810EUR
  • 24km/h over speed limit: 1130EUR
  • 26km/h over speed limit: 1590EUR
  • 28km/h over speed limit: 2220EUR
  1. No lights: 20EUR
  2. running Red Lights: 90EUR
  3. Avoid Weighing: 50EUR
  4. Avoid Inspection: 60EUR
  5. Illegal border Crossing: 60EUR
  6. Illegal Trailer: 75EUR
  7. Hard Shoulder Violation: 240EUR
  8. Damaged Vehicle Usage:180EUR
  • Police car Patrol fine are the same. Some probabilities adjusted. No increase factor
Avoid fines as much as possible, when you start your career. If you start on a new Profile, taking quick Jobs with low Income, some fines may have a important impact in your Income.

Skill Progression/XP
  • No Skill Bonuses
  • The plain level based bonus is removed


  • Delivery Windows were increased to allow driving under AETR* regulations
  • Original value 62km/h, now 40km/h for time calculations
*(European agreement concerning the work of
Crews of Vehicles engaged in international road transport)

Cargo Validy

  • Time cargo is available to be picked up
  • Minimum time: 3 hours
  • Maximum Time: 66 hours. This was increased to allow long travels to pick such cargo's.

Hired drivers Experience

  • will evolve at the same rate as you. The factor was reduced from double(2.0) to single(1.0)
  • hired drivers without a Truck will now quit after 10 days(prior 5). This allows Truck switching when your driver has full Distance skill

Ferry Prices
  • Ferry Prices adjusted on base Map and all Supported Maps. Overall reduction by 35% from the Original Value.

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Apr 18, 2021
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Some questions answered: Do other Maps work with this that you don't have under supported Maps?

General answer yes. Long answer maybe because I didn't adjust the Prices in other Maps. So it could be that you get way more money for a Transport, or Ferry Prices and other Prices are to high. This decision was made to insure the future of this Economy Mod. A few explanations:
Southern Region as example was not tested and added by me, because at the moment its not known if the Author returns. The same thing with the great Steppe. Then Mods that are always in a state of not playing nice with others, are still in early development or not updated in some time- where not tested or added, because its allot of work for a unsecured future. I created an Addon for some Maps like Project Balkans, Southern Region, The great Steppe and Project Turkey.
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Apr 18, 2021
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Update 05/30/2021

Bonus Point System highest rank specialist, rank 6:
High Value Cargo= 2% pay increase
Fragile Cargo= 2% pay increase
Just in Time Delivery= 2% important delivery pay increase
3% urgent delivery pay increase