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ETS2 1.43 Recommended Map Combo by TerraMaps

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Aug 11, 2021
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Fellow Truckers,

This is the official Map Combo for ETS2 1.43 by TerraMaps, with recommended map mods & other recommended mods. It is designed to provide realistic gameplay as much as possible, and to also help people understand how to make combos with the TerraMaps Mods.

All maps in this list are supported and recommended by us at TerraMaps. Note that there *may* be performance drops when using mods in this list, however that is unfortunately a reality of modding any game, but the experience should still be relatively smooth. The load order described below is the same as the mods should be loaded, meaning that if an item is at the top of this list, then that mod should be at the top of your mod manager, and so on and so forth.

-Only one of the map backgrounds (2a or 2b) is recommended. DO NOT USE BOTH. YOUR GAME WILL CRASH.
-If you don't want to use a map mod in this list, simply skip it and pretend it's not there. The load order will be the same.
-Please also set your buffer size to either 30 or 50 if attempting any part of this combo. To do so:
1. Navigate to your game's Documents folder: The folder is located under C:\Users\ {you} \Documents\game
2. Go to the config.cfg file.
3. Find uset r_buffer_page_size and change the value to either "30" or "50".
-Wherever you see OR in the mod list, that means download either the mod on the left or the right of the OR. Never download both and do not try to load both in the mod list in the same place. Your game will crash.

All links below are hyperlinked. Just hover over the mod name and click on it, you'll be taken to where you can download the mod. All links below have been verified as official.

--Top of the mod manager--
1. Zoom Crash fix by Promods **REQUIRED**
2a. BenganJ's map background
2b. Promods Complete Afroeurasia Background Map

--AZGE mods--

3. AZGE-Promods-ME fix 1.43
4. AZGE-SR 10.1 RC
5. AZGE add-on 1.43

--Roex mods--

6. ROEX EN City Names (optional)
7. Hybrid RC **Required if using Roex, Promods, Promods ME & Rusmap in a combo**
8. ROEXallSR109RC
9. RX33defmap OR Rfree29defmap
10. RX33prefabs OR Rfree29prefabs
11. RX33model OR Rfree29model
12. RX33model2 OR Rfree29model2
13. RX33assets OR Rfree29assets


14. Turkmenbashi-Valencia Ferry Connection (optional)
15. ProMods - Southern Region Ferry Connector (optional)

--Corfu Map--

16. Corfu and the Greek Islands Def/Map Promods OR Corfu and the Greek Islands Def/Map
17. Corfu and the Greek Islands Models

--Red Sea Map--

18. Red Sea Map
19. Red Sea Assets

--Promods Middle East--

20. ProMods Middle-East Add-on (Def & Map Package)
21. ProMods Middle-East Add-on (Assets Package)

--Paris Rebuild--

22. Paris Rebuild v3.1


23. RusMap Map_v2.43.1
24. RusMap-model_v2.43.1
25. RusMap-model2_v2.43.1
--Note: Rusmap Def goes further down--


26. ProMods Definition Package
27. ProMods Map Package
28. ProMods Models Package 1
29. ProMods Models Package 2
30. ProMods Models Package 3
31. ProMods Media Package
32. ProMods Assets Package

--Rusmap Def--

33. RusMap-def_v2.43.1

--Sibir Map--

34. SibirMap 2 MAP&DEF
35. SibirMap 2 ModelFile

--Road to Asia--

36. Road to Asia by TerraMaps
37. Road to Asia Assets
38. Road to Asia Models

--Southern Region--

39. Southern Region Map [Def and Map]
40. Southern Region Map [Model1]
41. Southern Region Map [Model2]

--The Great Steppe--

42. CrachFix-Actobe_TGS_v1.1 **Required if using The Great Steppe, and for RC to Road to Asia**
43. The Great Steppe - Def
44. The Great Steppe - Map
45. The Great Steppe - Model

Please report any dead/incorrect links to the TerraMaps discord and i will fix them.
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