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May 2023 Update


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Apr 4, 2021
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Gorinchem, Netherlands
May 2023 Update

- New website has gone live! You may have noticed if you visit https://www.terramaps.net/ that instead of directing to our forums, it now has a cover page with a few sections. It's basic for now, but will grow overtime. From that webpage, you can access our official forums as well as our Download Center. Enjoy the new look!

- New admin has joined the Red Team! Please welcome and congratulate Qule who is our latest addition to the official TerraMaps Administration Team in charge of the day-to-day oversight of the organization.

- ETS2 1.47 update is taking a lot longer than we normally take to update our maps. We are making great progress though thanks to Qule's leadership as well as thanks to bright minds helping us like Arayas and others in our mappers-lounge. It truly is taking a team effort of skillsets, motivation, enthusiasm, and strength to tackle all of the errors and conversions involved to make it happen, we are doing our best efforts but please allow us more time and patience while we ensure our testing department can clear the maps bug free and CTD free. Just a little while longer for 1.47 maps please!

- May 20th is our birthday at TerraMaps, and this May 20th we are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary since the release of Red Sea Map 1.0. We have definitely come a long way, and we are looking forward to dropping a small surprise for all fans on May 20th. Stay tuned and check back for an everyone ping on May 20th and we look forward to all of our fans celebrating our 3rd year birthday in a few weeks!

Please continue to follow us on social media like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and of course here on Discord, interact with fellow fans, users, and staff!

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