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Official Sponsorship Information and Tiers

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Apr 4, 2021
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TerraMaps enjoys partnerships and promoting official sponsors. Our first sponsor, ATRANS, has benefited greatly by having their own forums, billboards, promotional activities on social media platforms, and even a depot and AI trailers in our maps! We have an outreach of thousands of fans that play the game along with streams and YouTube videos, and of course over 10,000 users of any of our products and maps. Your name will for sure get out there in a non-over the top advertisement sort of way, which makes our sponsorships unique!

Each sponsorship is fully customizable, but in general, here are the tiers that we offer for a variety of budgets:
(note our prices are yearly prices and due at time of signing as we do not update every map project each month in case you cancel your sponsorship with us)

TIER 1 - SILVER SPONSOR - Starting at $99/yr USD

- 6 advertisements in 2 maps (total of 12 advertisements)
- Direct communication line with TerraMaps admins
- Facebook and Streaming Promotion
- Discord role
- Early access to map releases

TIER 2 - GOLD SPONSOR - Starting at $149/yr USD

- A depot/HQ in one of our map mods (with AI traffic carrying your trailer, working job site, at non capital cities - a capital city will be $10-$35 depending on the city)
- 6 advertisements in 3 maps (total of 16 advertisements, number of billboards can be adjusted if a 3rd project isn't required)
- Facebook and Streaming Promotion
- Discord role
- Early access to map releases

TIER 3 - PLATNIUM SPONSOR - Starting at $299/yr USD

- 3 depots in one of our map projects with 2 different AI trailer color schemes, one capital city included
- 1 depot in another one of our map projects, non capital, AI trailer
- Facebook, Streaming, and YouTube promotion
- Discord role
- Early access to map releases
- Forum category on the TerraMaps forums

TIER 4 - DIAMOND SPONSOR - Starting at $599/yr USD
- 2 depots in each map project, or 8 depots flexible in different map projects, AI trailer skins negotiable
- All platforms promotions
- Discord role
- Early access to map releases
- Forum category on the TerraMaps forums


We also offer commercial style sponsorships for major established companies. We can offer all of the items in Tier 4 as well as any other suggestions/needs the potential commercial sponsor may require. This package is completely negotiable.

All sponsorships require Board approval, but in general, we are looking for sponsors in the following categories:
- Gaming industry
- Transportation industry
- Travel industry
- Food/Drink industry (Established brands)
- Technology industry (hardware, joysticks, wheels, etc.)
- VTC's, Modding Organizations, anything else relating to ETS2/ATS

Due to the number of minors around the world that enjoy our maps and mods, we will not be entertaining sponsors that contain products of adult content or 18+ content.

So what are you waiting for? Get your name out there! Enjoy a great experience becoming an official TerraMaps sponsor today! We are expanding always and growing our outreach everyday and truly take care of our sponsors, just ask ATRANS!

If you want to learn more, reach out to an admin on Discord (Pilot, Olaf, or DarknessEagleX) or send us an email at [email protected]

We look very much forward to Expanding Your Business Today while we Expand Truck Sims Today!
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