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[REL] Corfu & The Greek Islands Map 1.0.1 for ETS2 1.42 by TerraMaps


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Board of Advisors
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Apr 4, 2021
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Gorinchem, Netherlands
[REL] CORFU AND THE GREEK ISLANDS Version 1.0.1 for ETS 1.42 is released

Corfu island is now released in version 1.0.1!

Download at our official website link here: https://terramaps.net/download/

EULA/Mod Reshare Disclaimer: DO NOT reupload our map. It's covered under EULA and we do take swift action. We are going right to your ISP behind your CloudFlare accounts, so just don't do it. You are welcomed to showcase our map but it must point to our main download page. You know the drill

Changelog 1.0.1:
- Compatibility update for 1.42 with convoy capabilities;
- Fixed garage and dealership bugs in Corfu;
- Promods version updated for Promods 2.57.

You must redownload all files for 1.42. All files have had some sort of adjustments to them, mostly bug repair, but the big one is compatibility upgrade. We changed more than just the manifest files. Also, for convoys to work with your friends and VTC buddies, you must both have the exact same version of the mod.

Consider our premium download, it only costs a euro, it's a fast download, you get one zip file and all you have to do is unzip and drop the new files in your mod folder then add them back into your load order, that's it! No ads, no pop ups, no slower downloads, no multiple downloads - just one and done - and you can be happy that your small donation funds this project directly - the fancy new models you see, the fancy website, the cool features on Discord, and the motivation for our devs to continue expanding our projects - your donation plays a direct role in it and we greatly appreciate it so please consider the premium download! It means a lot to us and helps TerraMaps continue expanding at the rate it's growing!

Happy Trucking!

Developer Manager: Tedesco
Participating Developers: Paokkerkir, Forze and Pilot
Modelers: SlenderSmoke and Mango
And of course with the help of the whole TerraMaps Team