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[REL] Sipesor Universal Background Map and Background Map Editor Pack


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Jul 12, 2022
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Sipesor Universal Background Map (SUBM) Gmap
In game Google Map Background Map style for Sipesor Universal Background Map Editor (SUBME).

------- IN 1.0 ----------

Initial release

  • Sipesor Universal Background Map (SUBM) Gmap mod provides Google Maps background styles to map combinations in Euro Truck Simulator 2 game.
  • This mod includes the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia. This mod has been tweaked to fit the original Euro Truck Simulator 2 background map editor in the Europe region.
  • This mod was created with data from the Sipesor Universal Background Map Editor (SUBME). As a result, the road position will match the background map in the game and the background map editor.
  • The mod's configurations are stored in separate files, allowing you to change specific configurations without affecting the others.
  • The mod is misaligned with the Promods map because the area was constructed using the BenganJ background map.

Mods Load Order Suggestion:

  • (Your customized map data settings for colors, zoom, and so on.)
  • Sipesor Universal Background Map (SUBM) Gmap
  • (Icon mods)
  • ...
  • ...






Link Download: Sipesor Universal Background Map (SUBM) Gmap



Sipesor Universal Background Map Editor (SUBME)
Universal Background Map Editor for Euro Truck Simulator. Base on BenganJ World Background UI Map. The Sipesor Universal Background Map Editor (SUBME) covers the entire continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, as well as Greenland.

The backgrounds accuracy is set at level 3 in the initial release. This mod's main goal is to make the background map accuracy level 5 available.

  • Level 5 for block 28 is up in version 1.1
  • Level 5 for block 41 and 49 that cover New Zealand is up in version 1.2
  • Level 5 for block 50, 51, 58 and 59 that cover part of Australia and Tasmania is up in version 1.3
  • Level 5 for block 52 and 53 that cover part of Australia is up in version 1.4
  • Level 5 for block 42 and 43 that cover part of Australia and New Caledonia is up in version 1.5
  • Level 5 for block 44 and 45 that cover part of Australia is up in version 1.6
  • Level 5 for block 19, 27 and 35 is up in version 1.7
  • Level 5 for block 36 and 37 that covers Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and Singapore is up in version 1.8
  • Level 5 for block 29 and 30 is up in version 1.9
  • Level 5 for block 31 that covers Mandagascar, Comoros, Mauritius and part of Africa is up in version 1.10
  • Level 5 for block 6 and 14 that covers part of Africa is up in version 1.11
  • Level 5 for block 22 that covers part of Africa and Middle East is up in version 1.12
  • Level 5 for block 15 and 23 that covers part of Africa is up in version 1.13
  • Level 5 for block 16 and 24 that covers part of Africa is up in version 1.14
  • Level 5 for block 12 and 20 is up in version 1.15
  • Level 5 for block 21 is up in version 1.16
  • Level 5 for block 13 is up in version 1.17

How to use the mod:
  • Extract editor_data.sii files to "~\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod\user_map\def\" folder.
  • To enable the block you want to use, modify the editor_data.sii settings.
  • Copy the related .dds, .tobj and .mat files to "~\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod\user_map\material\editor\" folder. To save storage space, it is not advised that you copy all of the background map editor files. Simply copy the block files you'd like to use.
  • Run the map editor using this parameter " -edit europe -force_mods -noworkshop -mm_max_resource_size 100 -mm_max_tmp_buffers_size 1000 "
  • Happy modding.

  • Use bcg_offset_x and bcg_offset_y block value to jump to the block location in map editor.


Link Download: Sipesor Universal Background Map Editor (SUBME)




-BenganJ, openmaptiles, qgis, maputnik, SAS.Planet, Google.

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