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Road to Africa - Teaser I

The Saint

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Beta Tester
Apr 10, 2021
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Lisboa - Portugal
TerraMaps latest map Road to Africa (RTAF) and one of the largest releases of TerraMaps in recent years is coming soon.

Our developers have put a lot of time and work into this. We also know that the community is waiting for this latest addition to TerraMaps. And it won't be long now because Road to Africa has started Alpha testing.

Road to Africa will consist of Sudan, Chad and some cities from Cameroon, Nigeria and... Libya!
But this is not all. The part of the RSM map of Egypt and Sudan will also be part of RTAF version 1.0.

Early release for Patroens!!

If you want to play RTAF now...become a Patreon!

Perhaps the best news is that you already have the chance to enjoy the Alpha version of RTAF.
All you need to do is join our Patreon Gold or Platinum Program. And once the map is released, the Patreon will be the first to access our newest addition to TerraMaps.
So don't wait any longer and sign up for the TerraMaps Patreon Program.

For RTAF, we plan in a week or 2 before it will go right into BETA, then shortly after that into RR (Ready Release).This is the version that will be available to ALL patreons including basic tier.

The RR version will be prolonged to allow more enjoyment of patreon benefits and to encourage more people to become patreons. We expect at minimum a month for Patreon only access for the RR before we release version 1.0.

And please note that version 1.0 will not be released to the public until we are version 1.1 of RTAF comes out. The reason this is so Patreons can help with the return on our investment into RTAF. The goal is not directly to make money, but mainly to cover all the costs they incur for developing the maps. Now that TerraMaps has been around for almost 3 years and our maps are growing, the costs are also increasing. We don't make it just by counting on a voluntary contribution.