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Road to Asia 1.1.1. for ETS2 1.41 Official Download

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Apr 4, 2021
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Gorinchem, Netherlands

[REL] Road to Asia v1.1.1 by TerraMaps

Welcome to the Road to Asia!

It is with great pleasure we announce that Road to Asia 1.1.1 has officially been released for ETS2 1.41!
The biggest update of TerraMaps yet

Road to Asia has been a partner of TerraMaps for a long time. With the combined resources and bright minds in all departments coming together as one. We will deliver an amazing Road to Asia and work hard with releasing it!

Download Road to Asia 1.1.1 here:

Def/map: https://sharemods.com/mcbbcirn6ydw/Road_to_AsiaV1-1-1.scs.html
Valencia Ferry (Optional): https://sharemods.com/3ou1vi2tystp/RTASIA-VALENCIA-FC.scs.html
1.1.1 Models: https://sharemods.com/zg2pfyhzse2f/Road_to_Asia_Models.scs.html
1.1.1 Assets: https://sharemods.com/lcqdtlvzqr78/Road_to_Asia_Assets.scs.html

What areas is our map included?

-This update of RtAsia will add two border cities in Afghanistan, the rest of Turkmenistan, completing the country’s expansion, and, for the time being, a ferry to a very unique new area of the map: The Koreas.

Content Added:

TURKMENISTAN 🇹🇲 - Existing Country
New cities:
-Derweze (Darvaza);

AFGHANISTAN 🇦🇫 - New Country

SOUTH KOREA 🇰🇷 - New Country (accessible through Ferry Connection for now)

NORTH KOREA 🇰🇵 - New Country (accessible through ferry connection for now)

Important Changes
- We added a new MODELS file, so now there are 3 required files to download, load order is: Def/Map, Assets, Models in that order above Great Steppe
- We also updated our ASSETS so remove your old ASSETS file and replace it with the new one on our website
- We took out the Valencia ferry per popular requests. If you want a Vanilla version or the ferry back, feel free to download the Optional Valencia Ferry Mod, place it right above Def/Map. This mod is not required to make Road to Asia work, it's optional if you want the ferry
- The AZGE Baku-Turkmenbashi ferry is included in the Def/Map. If you have AZGE, it'll automatically activate the ferry connection
- Added Nampo-Jakarta Ferry (JRR) and Nampo-Salvador Ferry (EAA) per requests. These ferries will only activate when you have JRR or EAA installed in your profile, no additional mods needed
- Fixed night texture issues (thanks to Deidra) in Bialystok and some traffic lights in Turkmenistan
- Patched some gaps and terrain issues in Pyongyang
- Removed an invisible wall at the gas station south of Pyongyang
- Updated the Polish translations (wrona)

Enjoy Road to Asia 1.1.1 and enjoy trucking through North Korea, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and South Korea with your friends and VTC! We'll be adding more multiplayer adventures in the future like fun mountain roads, dirt tracks, and other fun areas that will truly add enjoyment (and some laughs watching your friends flip over in Afghanistan) in future updates!

This map has no dependencies except for all ETS2 DLC Maps of course (including Iberia), we will try go answer your questions but if we cannot provide concrete answers to all of your questions now, please understand.

Remember to ensure your buffer size in your config file is at least 20 otherwise you will have CTD's in Ashgabat and Pyongyang


20 JANUARY 2021:
- Road to Asia many of you have been following has joined forces with TerraMaps!
20 May 2021
- Road to Asia version 1.0.1 is released
19 JULY 2021
- Road to Asia version 1.0.2 is released
-Compatibility fix applied for ETS2 1.41, Baku ferry for AZGE from Turkmenbashi added, Vanilla version discontinued and merged with Flagship version. Assets file also upgraded to 1.41
26 AUGUSTUS 2021:
- Road to Asia version 1.1. is released.
Turkmenistan Complete, Afghanistan and both Korea's.
- Road to Asia version 1.1.1 is released.
Bug fixes update and Added Nampo-Jakarta Ferry (JRR) and Nampo-Salvador Ferry (EAA)

The entire team at TerraMaps enjoyed making this map for you all! Please enjoy it and as always, thanks for letting TerraMaps expand your truck sim today
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