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Rules for Posting Mods

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Apr 4, 2021
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TerraMaps welcomes the modding community to post their work, advertise their map project, and share it with the world! TerraMaps is all about expanding your truck sim, so if you have a mod, whether its a map mod, truck mod, sound mod, graphics mod, or utility mod, feel free to share it here!

Before you do, we just have a few small criteria before posting a mod:

1. Make sure you are the original author and/or have rights to the map project, whether it's a group project, you're an official representative, or you have taken over a project.

2. Due to copyright concerns and out of respect for SCS, the author of ETS2 and ATS, we cannot allow any posts for premium or paid map mods. (in other words, if you require money to download a map mod and do not offer a free version, then it's considered premium. Patreons for early access or early access to extra content do not fall in this category)

3. Use the appropriate category when posting your map (Common Sense - do not post an ETS2 map mod in the ATS Map Mods section)

4. Do not post illegal links, pirated maps, pirated content, or stolen maps

5. Be clear on your first thread if you want to provide support for your map or mod here on our forums or if it's just for informational/download purposes

6. All mods are subject for review by moderators and TerraMaps does not support or condone certain known trolls who disguise themselves behind being map authors. These maps shall not be mentioned here as they know who they are, but if found, they will be swiftly deleted, regardless of who posted it. There are only a handful of mods that fit into this category, so you should not have to worry about it if this rule does not apply to you.

7. Make sure to post the status of your map:

- [REL] means the map is released and ready for public use
- [WIP] means work in progress, the map is planned and being worked on, can be combined with [REL] if you want but not necessary
- [UPD] means updated, can be combined with [REL] if you want to add it in, but not necessary
- [ABN] means abandoned, the map has been given up on and no more support or updates are expected

Enjoy expanding your truck sim today!
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