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Termination of development of Red Sea Map and Cofru Promods!

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Apr 4, 2021
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Gorinchem, Netherlands
Fellow Truckers and TerraMaps friends.

As TerraMaps we try to have and maintain good relations with all other mappers and the different map groups. One of these was Promods. However, we have noticed that since the beginning of this year we have noticed that Promods has come to see TerraMaps as a threat to their own work and Map.
Since then, they have been surreptitiously thwarting TerraMaps with the intention of creating areas where TerraMaps operates, such as Africa and Asia itself. This isn't the first time they've done this. Everyone knows about the actions they have taken against RoExtended and RusMap. And now TerraMaps.
We are actually honored that they see us as a threat. We really wanted to work with them, but since the beginning of June we ended the agreements we had with Promods.
A few things we can mention is
- Taking over The Great Steppe while we were talking to the owner of this map.
- Knowingly announcing the making of cities where Red Sea Map has already done.
In other words, no area where we are working is safe. The last action they have taken is to recruit one of our Developers.

We kept that news to ourselves for a long time because we believed that we want to prove wie we are with our work and not with words. However, enough is enough.
That is why we have decided to stop the further development of the Red Sea Map and Corfu Promods. We no longer wish to have anything to do with Promods and anyone who expresses their disagreement with this is no longer welcome on our server and forum.
We know that Promods will do their best to turn the entire community they amply represent against us. And that is exactly the example of how they are.
We hope u belive in us and what TerraMaps stands voor. We will keep working on our othermaps and will have some nice suprises in the future!

And for those of Promods whom read this: We also want to ask Promods to leave us alone. We will do the same.
Not open for further replies.