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Why do my citys not show up


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Feb 6, 2023
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[REL]Road to Asia 1.5: Pakistan Expansion!

Fellow TerraTruckers,

Road to Asia 1.5 is now released and updated for ETS2 1.46! Explore new roads in Pakistan. This update includes 2 new detailed towns waiting to be explored by you.

Official Link: https://terramaps.net/download/

Changelog 1.5
- Compatibility for ETS2 1.46
- Added 2 new cities in Pakistan
- Bugs from 1.4 fixed

Premium Downloads

Please consider our Premium Downloads! Have you noticed all of those custom assets and fancy models? They are a direct result of your premium purchases! Not only does it help support future expansions and TerraMaps expenses, but you will receive a one zip file without any advertisements or pop ups and the download will be as fast as your internet will allow! Your support is greatly appreciated and motivates us to continue our expansion plans! We would absolutely appreciate your premium downloads! Should you run into a pop-up error for whatever reason (rare), please let us know in admin-support so we can assist you!

Note: MODELS 2 has been added and is now required as part of Road to Asia's Package. Please do not forget to download MODELS 2 and include it in your mod manager. You should load it right under Models 1. (The file is already included in the Premium Download Zip File)

EULA/Mod Reshare Disclaimer: You do not have permission to reupload our map. Many of you guys have been in compliance which we appreciate, but a select few we have you on a watch list. We are monitoring, especially after release, so do not reupload our hard work hours that have gone into this project!

Expand your truck sim today!
why do my citys not show up