Welcome to TerraMaps!

TerraMaps is a map modding organization for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. We are a team of over 20 staff members who specialize in one goal only - Expanding Your Truck Sim Today!

Founded in 2020, TerraMaps is responsible for many map mods you may already enjoy, such as Road to Asia, Caribbean Map, Corfu and the Greek Isles, Pacific Map, and Red Sea Map soon to be incorporated in the highly anticipated Road to Africa. 

TerraMaps has become a map modding group that looks at taking the map editor to its limits and expanding into parts of the world never imagined to be driven on in this highly enjoyable simulator game where you can take your truck from Europe and deliver a job in places as far as Korea or on the ATS side, explore exotic islands in the Caribbean and the Pacific. 

Road to Asia

Your gateway to the Asian continent is here - welcome to Road to Asia by TerraMaps! Venturing through the scenic nations of Central Asia and Eastern Asia and more - RTA will bring you to new worlds and beautiful nations throughout the Asian continent!

Download RTA
Caribbean Map

The North American Continent is no longer restricted to land masses only thanks to Caribbean Map! Take a ferry from Key West or Nassau to explore many of the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, like Jamaica, Cuba, Aruba, and more!

Download CaribMap
Corfu & The Greek Isles

Greece is a vibrant nation with many islands each with its unique atmosphere, but nothing comes close to the beauty of Corfu. From Corfu we will venture out and add more Greek islands as this map develops!

Download CAGI
Pacific Map

Hawaii and Palau do not have to be too far away thanks to Pacific Map! Enjoy the mystic pacific islands and the atmosphere with this Polynesian map mod and say "Aloha" to a whole new world in ATS!

Download PacMap
Road to Africa
(Formerly Red Sea Map)

The original project that started the TerraMaps organization, Red Sea Map, has transformed and expanded into Road to Africa! Expanding your African coverage and with an introduction to Africa in Sudan, Red Sea Map started the concept of expanding to exotic places focusing on detail and high quality. Road to Africa started its development in mid 2021 and is incorporating the old Red Sea Map areas into it while bringing over 8000km of new road to explore in Libya, Chad, Cameroon, Nigeria, and Sudan. This map is expected for public release in summer 2022, however it is available to our Gold and Platinum Patreons while ALPHA and BETA testing is being done. In the meantime, you are welcomed to enjoy Red Sea Map for ETS2 1.46!

Download RTAF