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Hawaii and Palau do not have to be too far away anymore thanks to Pacific Map. You can now say "aloha" and "alii" in your American Truck Simulator with Pacific Map and enjoy Hawaii and beyond! With this Polynesian map mod, you can appreciate the beauty and realistic atmosphere and it's brought to you in Pacific Map by TerraMaps!

Developers comments:

1.1.2 adds compatibility and bug fixes for ATS 1.46

1.1.1 adds compatibility and bug fixes for ATS 1.45

1.1 adds a new country to Pacific Map. Welcome to the Republic of Palau! From the Honolulu ferry, you can travel many miles across the Pacific Ocean to the beautiful islands of Palau. Remember to use DOWL's Extended Western Pacific Background Map found on the Steam Workshop to be able to scroll to Palau in the UI Map. Alii and Aloha!

1.0.4: Updated compatibility for ATS 1.44, Los Angeles Ferry updated for ATS 1.44, Added Honolulu police car, Bugs from 1.0.3 fixed, optimization applied to Honolulu, License plates and signage bugs fixed

1.0.3: Added compatibility for ATS 1.43

1.0.2 adds 1.42 compatibility for convoys and fixes some bugs around the garage in Honolulu. We also added Los Angeles Ferry by Deidra as an optional mod for an LA connection to Honolulu (included in the premium zip file download)

1.0.1 adds a built in ferry to Hilo and fixes compatibility issues with Island Map. It also was adjusted to fit on DOWL's ProMods North America/Pacific Background Map to fit the right location. No other content changes provided.

Enjoy Honolulu, the largest city and capital of Hawaii! Drive around Ala Moana, to and from the HNL airport along the H1, and scenic views of Diamondhead, Waikiki, and Pearl Harbor


- Remember that all of our maps require all SCS DLC's.
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PlatformAmerican Truck Simulator
Current Version1.1.2
Game Supported Version1.46
DependenciesColoradoNew MexicoUtahArizonaWashingtonIdahoOregonWyoming
Mod Size158.5MB, 64.5MB, 6.0MB