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Recent content by AlconburyBlues

  1. AlconburyBlues

    [REL] Caribbean Map 1.1.3. for ATS 1.42

    Hi Olafj, thanks for the reply. Wow, I did not know that. But it would make sense, as Cuba was owned by Russia, and received a lot of equipment and vehicles from there after WWII. Interesting that they still supply Cuba with such things in the 21st century. @osmanasm, I love Euro trucks as...
  2. AlconburyBlues

    [REL] Caribbean Map 1.1.3. for ATS 1.42

    Not reporting a problem with the map itself. But it does have a hidden truck mod in it. When you add the Island Map, and go to the Mod Dealer, you will notice a Kamaz truck available. It's a pretty awesome truck. But is it appropriate to embed it in the map mod? Especially if it might cause...