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Recent content by Deepestsouth

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    Road to Africa

    Hi guys hope your all well and keep up the great work just wondered if there is any progress with this map mod thanks
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    Eurafrica map

    Thanks for reply my friend, il leave it and wait for yourself to get in to more of Africa.
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    Eurafrica map

    Hi I was wondering if anyone has this map,saw it on the list of map mods for 1.43 on someone’s mod manager on other forum. Never heard of it until then, by the was there any news to come for road to Africa thanks very much and to say your maps are unbelievable congratulations to all the team.
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    [REL] Road to Asia v1.2 for ETS2 1.42 and 1.2.1 for ETS 1.43

    Your progress and quality is a credit to everyone in the team amazing work
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    [WiP/REL] Viva Malta

    Really impressed by this map I hope either more will be added to Malta or looking forward to seeing other projects
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    Load Order - ETS2 SETrucker's Combos

    I really like your add on shame to hear, I’m looking for a combo without Roex with tr extended and Ukraine expansion included
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    Euro fresh map

    I have this download but it’s hard to say where the markets are in the cities they are, im trying to find the Milan and Brussels markets if anyone knows where it is could they let me know thanks.
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    [REL] Road to Asia v1.0.2 for ETS2 1.41

    Brought the premium download earlier worth every penny and very quick download recommend people to get it. This is a big step into Asia and hopefully will continue onwards well done guys.
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    Euro fresh map

    Brought this earlier for 2 euros adds some much to the game definitely recommend it markets over 4 or 5 countries plus there doing an interflora map soon to be released
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    [REL] Road to Asia v1.0.2 for ETS2 1.41

    Congratulations guys looks amazing and a big step driving from Europe to Asia
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    [REL] Road to Asia v1.0.2 for ETS2 1.41

    Cannot wait for this will this be compatible with Roex and turkey lite has well
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    [REL] Projekt Česko v1.2 - A better Czechia

    Really good work very impressive
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    [REL] Road to Asia v1.0.2 for ETS2 1.41

    Could this or will this link with roextended and when they’ve redone eastern turkey and Georgia and Azerbaijan then ferry over to Turkmenistan literally drive from one side of Europe right over to Asia cannot wait
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    Euro fresh map

    Thank you yes that ll be great don’t know much about it, pics of the markets look pretty decent.