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Recent content by Sergey061

  1. Sergey061

    [REL]RusMap 2.4.2[1.41]

    Hi. So what does Rusmap have to do with it? Spaces are made for bringing with Rusmap, excluding SZM .. With this add-on, Spaces are incompatible ... Привет. Так а Русмап тут при чём? Просторы сделаны для свези с Русмап, без учёта SZM.. С этим аддоном "Просторы" несовместимы...
  2. Sergey061

    [REL]RusMap 2.4.2[1.41]

    UPDATE RusMap to version 2.4.2 !!! - New cities: Kolpino, Kola - The city of St. Petersburg has been completely rebuilt - The city of Murmansk has been expanded - The development of the Saratov - Penza direction has begun - Fixed bugs previous version. - Some other changes. - Full compatibility...