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Caribbean Map 1.1.2 for ATS 1.41 Official Download

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[REL]Caribbean Map Patch Version 1.1.2 Released

Welcome to the Caribbean!

DOWNLOAD LINK Version 1.1.2. for ATS 1.41

If you wanted to haul goods between the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, then this map is for you! The Caribbean Map for ATS will feature new countries to explore in ATS including The Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and more! This area for sure deserves representation in our vibrant ATS community! This will be an addon to the game (not a standalone). Here is the initial map project plan:

- All ATS DLC maps from SCS required
- Non-dependency but strongly recommended Coast to Coast mod as a ferry port is created in Fort Lauderdale near the airport. So if you want to do jobs between the US and the islands, you'll need C2C.

Optional but Recommended Downloads:
Cuban AI Traffic Mod by Xoryx/JazzyCat https://sharemods.com/syupayb99vxm/Cuban_Traffic.scs.html
Bengan's Universal Background Map (Thin): https://roextended.ro/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=20

Load Order:
Cuban Traffic Mod
Trucks or other mods
Other Maps, follow their specific load order
Caribbean Map
Coast 2 Coast

Changelog for Version 1.1.2:
- Aruba
- Jamaican cities: Port Royal, Kingston, Buff Bay, Annotto Bay
- New islands in The Bahamas: Abaco and Andros Islands
- Cuban cities: Havana, Habana del Este
- KAMAZ truck dealership brought to you by Southern Region Maps (Thanks again to our wonderful friends at SRM) KAMAZ fully compatible with 1.41, including lighting, tuning, and accessories issues
- Fixed garage CTD's in San Nicolas, Aruba
- Accessories fixed for the Cabin DLC
- Fixed loading screen (now you will see the notifications that were hidden before)
- Fixed localization issues and added some new locale definitions
- Fixed traffic light/semaphore profiles
- Fixed sound definition issues

- Highly detailed police cars added/updated in The Bahamas, Aruba, Jamaica, and Guantanamo Bay
- Added KAMAZ for Cuban AI traffic

We also want to inform everyone that Caribbean Map version 1.1.2 works and is fully compatible with Wyoming DLC. It also does not require Wyoming DLC. The only thing you have to do is update C2C to v2.12.2. After testing with the new version of C2C, road connections work fine at Wyoming with C2C areas and Wyoming DLC takes over all of the sectors. If you do not have Wyoming DLC, Caribbean will continue to work as normal with your current load order.

Older Versions:

Vesions for 1.39 and 1.40 are no longer supported.

25 SEP 2021
- Version 1.1.2 patch version is released for ATS 1.41
Bug fixes, KAMAZ fully compatible with 1.41, Highly detailed police cars added/updated

15 JUL 2021
- Version 1.1.1 is released for ATS 1.41

31 MRT 2021
- Version 1.1 is released for ATS 1.40
Aruba, Jamaican cities: Port Royal, Kingston, Buff Bay, Annotto Bay, The Bahamas: Abaco and Andros Islands, Cuban cities: Havana, Habana del Este.

07 Nov 2020
- Version 1.0.2 is released for ATS 1.39.

05 NOV 2020:
- Version 1.0 is released for ATS 1.38.
This version is the initial release, contains Nassau, Freeport, Alice Town, and Guantanamo Bay as well as a bonus area of Castaway Cay.

27 SEP 2020:
- the map has officially been organized into a map project as well as the Discord server opening to the public!

14 MAY 2020:
- Start of the Map
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