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[REL] Road to Asia v1.7.1 for ETS2 1.48



[REL] Road to Asia v1.7.1 ETS2 1.48 by TerraMaps

Welcome to the Road to Asia!

It is with great pleasure we announce that
Road to Asia v1.7.1 for ETS2 1.48 officially been released!

EULA/Mod Reshare Disclaimer: DO NOT reupload our map. It's covered under EULA and we do take swift action. We are going right to your ISP behind your CloudFlare accounts, so just don't do it. You are welcomed to showcase our map but it must point to our main download page. You know the drill.

Official Link: https://terramaps.net/download

Consider our premium download
. Due to the increase in server costs and file size and usage of downloads, we have had to increase the prices of our maps. However, remember the premium downloads save you time so you can enjoy our maps quicker with a single zip file with all needed files to just drag and drop in your mod folder and it directly funds our maps and future expansion plans and helps us cover costs and expenses. Here are the new changes and the average download speeds:

Speeds depend on network usage and speed, but will be quicker than ShareMods
Road to Asia - $2.00 USD - 1.8GB in about 1 minute or less

Become a Patreon of TerraMaps
Like what you see? Consider supporting our project as a Patreon! We offer 3 tiers for all kinds of supporters! Your funding not only directly helps us expand and keep the energy going, but also involves you directly with our progress!

Support us: https://www.patreon.com/terramaps

What areas is our map included?
Road to Asia Version 1.7: features Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tadzjikistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Thailand, North and South Korea

Content Added:

Changelog 1.7.1.
- Compatibility added for 1.48
- Bugfixes from version 1.7

Changelog 1.7.
- Updated to ETS2 1.47
- New city: Songkhla, Thailand
- Bugfixes

Changelog 1.6
- Ashgabat rebuilt
- New ATRANS VTC company trailers
- Locales for various languages updated and corrected
- Patches bugs from Road to Asia 1.5

Changelog 1.5
- Compatibility for ETS2 1.46
- Added 2 new cities in Pakistan
- Bugs from 1.4 fixed

Changelog 1.4
- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan expanded
- Added one town in Kazakhstan
- Bugs from 1.3.2 fixed

Changelog 1.3.2:
- Compatibility for ETS2 1.45
- Bugs from 1.3.1 fixed

Changelog 1.3.1:
- Updated compatibility for ETS2 1.44
- License plates upgraded including localized Chinese license plates
- Humvee police car adapted in Afghanistan as well as AI traffic
- Bugs from 1.3 patched
- Added Chongju and Sinuiju locales missing from 1.3
- Added North Korean traffic policewoman in Pyongyang
- Road signs upgraded with higher quality and pseudo-distance
- South Korean font converted to NanumSquare
- Updated company logos to higher quality imagery

Change Log for 1.3:
- New cities: Seoul, Incheon (SK), Chongju, Sinuiju (NK), Dandong, Dalian (CN)
- Bugs fixed from 1.2/1.2.1
- New ferry/rail makeup, Dalian Port is now the new Ferry Hub, Valencia Optional Ferry Mod will drop Turkmenbashi and instead have Valencia-Dalian instead, from there, take a railway from Dalian to Wuqia to enjoy the rest of Road to Asia (or use TGS for constant road connections from Europe to Asia)
- Rail line from Balkanabat closed. Rail connection between Wuqia and Dalian opened
- New models (Yurts, Chinese style houses, Korean landmarks and shops, Dynamic Billboards in Seoul, and many more props)
- New signage in Pakistan
- New signage in Xinjiang with Uygher language
- Prefabs and other fixes from 1.2/1.2.1
- Locale fixes from 1.2/1.2.1
- Border areas with localized police and custom officers
- Custom terrain/Afghanistan desert reworked
- Overlays added in Tajikistan


To crush the most common support questions here are a few things you can check before you add this mod to your combo.

1)Follow the step-by-step installation process for downloading and enjoying Road to Asia by TerraMaps for Euro Truck Simulator here:
Please follow each step to ensure Road to Asia works in your simulator.

2)We only support the maps that we have in the TerraMaps and GMC Recommended Load Order:
If you use other maps check other common used load orders like the ones from RoExtended https://roextended.ro/forum/viewforum.php?f=15
And we kindly ask you to ask the combo owner for futher support

3)TO AVOID Crashes go to Euro Truck Simulator 2 in our "Documents" folder, open config.cfg in Notepad, find uset r_buffer_page_size and change it to at least "30" or higher
(if the number is at 10, you will get a CTD in Ashgabat, Bukhara, Pyongyang, Seoul, and Dandong)

4)Recommended specs for Seoul, Dandong, Ashgabat, Bukhara and Pyongyang:
- CPU: Intel i5 6600 or AMD Ryzen 5 (1st gen)
- GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 series or greater (or AMD equivalent)
- SSD is recommended, need at least 13GB of free space for ETS2 + required DLC + Road to Asia mod
- Memory: 8GB of DDR3 or DDR4 RAM
Some more information about the specs you can use and testing it you can find here

5)Background Map
In order to be able to freely move around the world map and see cities and roads where they should accurately be, we work with Bengan's Maps and strongly recommend everyone who enjoys expanding their truck sim to utilize his maps. Download Link: https://roextended.ro/forum/viewtopic.php?t=20
You can also instead use the High Quality Extended Map from Sipesor and ensures all cities are in an accurate location.
This background map can be downloaded here: https://terramaps.net/forum/threads...round-map-and-background-map-editor-pack.188/

6)Fix for problems with Project Caucasus.
If you see no city names in the map this is caused by Project Caucasus.
Please add this fix. https://truckymods.io/euro-truck-simulator-2/map-patches/project-caucasus-map-combo-fix
Or check the GMC recommend Combo's. https://terramaps.net/forum/threads/gmc-logistics-combos.192/

7)If you have done all this and you still equire any assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Team:
Discord (use @terramaps-support): https://discord.gg/jxQyhwhCqD
Email: [email protected]
Forum: https://terramaps.net/forum/forums/support.57/
Please only utilize one of the above methods of reaching out to support that you'd prefer. They are all monitored equally, but Discord is proven to be the fastest response rate


20 JANUARY 2021:
- Road to Asia many of you have been following has joined forces with TerraMaps!
20 May 2021
- Road to Asia version 1.0.1 is released
26 AUGUSTUS 2021:
- Road to Asia version 1.1. is released.
Turkmenistan Complete, Afghanistan and both Korea's.
18 DECEMBER 2021
- Road to Asia version 1.2 and 1.2.1 is released.
- more of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan as well as Tajikistan and parts of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Pakistan, and western China
11 MARCH 2022
- Road to Asia version 1.3 is released.
- New cities: Seoul, Incheon (SK), Chongju, Sinuiju (NK), Dandong, Dalian (CN)
25 AUGUST 2022
- Road to Asia version 1.4 is released.
- Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Pakistan expanded
- Added one town in Kazakhstan
17 NOVEMBER 2022
- Road to Asia version 1.5 is released.
- Added 2 new cities in Pakistan
18 DECEMBER 2022
- Road to Asia version 1.6 is released.
- Ashgabat rebuilt
- Patches bugs from Road to Asia 1.5
16 MAY 2023
- Road to Asia version 1.7 is released.
- Updated to ETS2 1.47
- New city: Songkhla, Thailand
- Bugfixes

On behalf of the TerraMaps Development team thank you all for the HUGE support and hype you guys have been giving to Road to Asia. We read your messages everyday, and it certainly motivates us to keep mapping 😉 Thank you guys! We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you guys.

The entire team at TerraMaps enjoyed making this map for you all! Please enjoy it and as always, thanks for letting TerraMaps expand your truck sim today
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TerraMaps Third Birthday

Tomorrow is the third anniversary of TerraMaps. We don't want to let this pass us by.
The past year has been a tumultuous one for many members of TerraMaps. But TerraMaps is still here and stronger than ever.

Some may have noticed. There is a bug with the tollgates the borders in Korea. GMC is busy fixing this for us

Tomorrow we hope we can release this fix and GMC can add Road to Asia to the their Combo's.

In the mean time Hajda is busy expanding Road to Aisa (Bilasuvar 🇦🇿)

And we have a nice surprise for many of our loyal members, friends and supporters. So today is the chance to join this community. Do not hesitate to join;)
In the mean time also check our new website

Please continue to follow us on social media like Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and of course here on Discord, interact with fellow fans, users, and staff!

Expand your truck sim today!
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Active member
Apr 27, 2022
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@OlafJ :
Apparently at least the Models.scs file is defective? The download stops for me after a short time due to the download manager. However, the Def/Map.scs file downloads without any problems.


@OlafJ :
Apparently at least the Models.scs file is defective? The download stops for me after a short time due to the download manager. However, the Def/Map.scs file downloads without any problems.
Do you mean the sharemods links?

They work fine


May 16, 2023
Reaction score

i was doing a job that was supposed to end in Ashgabat in Turkmenistan. As I entered the city of Ashgabat the game froze. Are there bugs in the game still in that part of Turkmenistan?


can you show me how to please
How to change your buffer size:

Go to Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2 or Documents\American Truck Simulator

Open config.cfg in Notepad (this is a normal text file)

Find uset r_buffer_page_size and change the value from 10 to either 30 or 50


New member
Jun 6, 2023
Reaction score
Hello author,
In Seoul, South Korea, the FPS will drop significantly, even single-digit FPS, but this phenomenon will not happen in other regions. I tried to change the config.cfg buffer size to 30~50, but it did not improve the problem

This is a very good map work, I look forward to improving this problem, thank you author

(PS. My CPU is not fully loaded, and the graphics card 2070 is not a problem. I confirm that it is not a computer specification problem)


Thanks for your report.
We are aware of this issue/bug and we will try to fix it with the next version!


Nov 25, 2021
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China-Guang Dong
hello,After hours of my exploration.I found more errors in this map.And my forklift will crash,I think the reason for the crash is from the forklift file, and the map has become very unstable after V1.45


  • ETS2亚路闪退位置.txt
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Aug 4, 2023
Reaction score
Can you add to the map Iran please? It would be great to drive from Kossueri(Cameron) to Bishkek or to Chine aswell. And to connect Road to Asia with Road to Africa map